Straight-Talk Physio Podcast Appearance

Check Meowt!!! I had the privilege to be the first guest on Straight-Talk Physio Podcast a few weeks ago! Link at the end bottom of this page.

Dr. Drew and Dr. Craig were super fun to record with and discuss some amazing topics related to physical therapy and nutrition and how they work together. I also went through my new client process and how I coach my nutrition clients.

We discussed my core beliefs and the importance of developing a healthy relationship with food as well as a balanced lifestyle through nutrition. We also discussed how to manage inflammation and assist with healing injuries through nutrition.

Dr. Drew has been my physical therapist for over 2 years and during that time he has helped me recover from several injuries and worked with some of my chronic issues as well. We have developed quite a fun friendship along the way and he has been a huge support to me while starting my business. I was so pumped for him the day he told me about his new venture with his peer, Dr. Craig, starting an amazing podcast! And then he asked me to be their first guest....EEEK! This was so much fun! Take a listen. Subscribe to their awesome podcast. Share with your friends! We would love to hear what you think!

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Here's the link:

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